Our Activities 

New To Islam are here to support those who are interested in finding out more about Islam, wanting to take their Shahada or have recently taken their Shahada.

To support this community, we offer a range of activities and services which we think will help provide support, guidance, and mainly an opportunity to meet other likeminded people. 

Weekly Drop-In Session

Every Sunday from 11.30am to 12.30pm we hold a drop in for those wanting to speak to someone about Islam. You can bring a friend along for support. This is a very informal setting. 

Go to the Events page to find out when the next drop-in session is taking place. 

coffee morning

We know that some of the best ways to talk is over tea and cakes so that's exactly what we do. Join us for one of our Coffee Mornings whereby you can come and join our discussion on anything life related. 

Go to the Events page to find out when the next Coffee Morning is taking place. 

Sisterhood In Circle

Are you seeking a warm and supportive community to embark on your spiritual journey? Look no further! Join our exclusive group designed especially for Muslim convert sisters, where the light of knowledge shines brightly.

Sit with sheikh

"Sit with Sheikh" is an exclusive monthly gathering designed for new Muslims, welcoming individuals who have recently embraced Islam or those exploring its teachings. It's a unique opportunity to engage in open, honest, and friendly conversations with Sheikh Tahir, an experienced and approachable scholar.

Go to the Events page to find out when the next Sit with Sheikh session is taking place. 

Prayer Workshop

Whether you’re new to prayer or looking to refine your existing practice, our experienced instructors will guide you through the steps of proper prayer.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback on how you are praying. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your prayer and to make sure you are performing it correctly.